Integrative therapy as work for the future

The text is a collegial letter at the turn of the year 2023 / 2024 from the founders of the Integrative Approach Ilse Orth and Hilarion G. Petzold [†Johanna Sieper 2020] on the status and future of integrative therapy. It highlights central concepts in current theory and
praxeology and points to important influences from neuroscience such as the concept of the "connectome". The text reflects the founders over 50 years of development work and points to the special features of integrative therapy as a bio-psycho-socio-ecological model in the life-span with a structural future orientation - a largely unique point of view in the current field of psychotherapy with positions that must be preserved and further developed for the benefit of people and culture in these difficult times.

Keywords: Integrative Therapy 2023/24, psychotherapy & neurobiology, connectome, future
orientation/future viability, commitment to people and nature.